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Internal Family Systems (IFS) inspired Coaching to help you feel more like you.

Find freedom from fears, anxieties and addictive patterns and create a life that feels aligned with who you really are.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Coach

You know that living free, fearlessly and without filters is possible, and you instinctively know how to make that a reality.

The problem is your survival mechanisms ramp up when you try to move closer to it.

This leaves you stuck, frustrated, fighting against yourself. It’s hard to see that those mechanisms are showing you the path forward.

When you replace self-blame with self-compassion, you implement the most powerful healing tool there is - and it’s all there, within you. Because loving and accepting every part of you, reconnects you to yourself, the world and your important role within it.



Path to Inner Freedom

Path to Inner Freedom: an Online IFS and Breathwork Mini-Retreat with Madeline Gibson and Jess Frost

Empower your Self to Navigate Challenges, Cultivate Clarity and Lead from Within

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Deepening Your IFS Practice: An Immersive 8-Week Journey

This program is tailored for individuals with a basic understanding of Internal Family Systems (IFS) who seek to integrate its principles into their daily lives for profound personal growth.

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Internal Family Systems (IFS) Coach
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About Madeline

As a transformational Internal Family Systems coach who helps people to find clarity through periods of ‘stuckness’ in life, I help my clients to reconnect to themselves, so they can live in a heart-led, authentic way.

I am a qualified (Level 3) Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner and I have a diploma in Positive Psychology Coaching, including a specialist accreditation in working with those who want to revolutionise their relationship with alcohol.

In addition to my expertise and compassionate approach to coaching, I bring my experience of overcoming my own life challenges. Having transformed my own life - from being an uninspired, anxious commercial property lawyer to becoming a coach sharing my passion for helping others to find freedom from many of the same blocks that once held me back from living fully.



Internal Family Systems (IFS) inspired coaching derives from a therapeutic modality that's rapidly gaining traction, especially in recent months, with the likes of Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Gabby Bernstein, Tim Ferris and Fearne Cotton talking about IFS on their podcasts, after discovering the transformative experience it can offer.

Whether you experience anxiety, addictive behaviours, or difficulty connecting with others, it’s easy to think that when things aren’t going right, there’s something wrong with you.

For many of us, beneath this painful cycle lives a false but deeply rooted belief that we aren’t lovable. So we try to create distance from the pain of that untruth and set out to prove our worthiness.

But in doing so, we become disconnected from our innate wisdom, gifts, natural confidence, and self-belief. As a result, we don’t make the impact in the world that we know we can.

Internal family systems (IFS) coaching offers a roadmap back towards ourselves. Looking closely at the parts of ourselves we least favour is the secret to success in aligning our potential and our reality.

I have no hesitation recommending Madeline

“Madeline is a highly skilled practitioner with clear insight and commitment to her professional practice. She is able to hold space in a sensitive manner whilst also enabling her clients to make progress in an effective way. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”


Personally, creatively & professional enriching

“Madeline oozes Self energy and encourages my parts to feel safe to come as they are.

Through our work together, I have met and deepened connection to parts of me that are feeling validated, and cared for, and I am feeling more ‘real’.

Coaching with Madeline has enriched both my personal life and creativity, and I believe my work with her also enhances the IFS work that I do with my own clients.

Madeline has a gentle, encouraging and re-assuring approach. She is a great listener and is wonderfully accommodating.

I find the note taking from our sessions, that she shares with me, to be very affirming of the work we have done together.

I also love the fact that I can pop over to Italy from the UK for an hour during my day, to have our remote sessions together. She is far away by distance but energetically feels very close.”


Compassionate, patient and truly supportive

“I’ve worked with Madeline for a few months and felt so much change in my business and in my life! Madeline is compassionate, patient and truly supportive. The non-judging space she creates allowed me to feel safe from the very beginning. I recommend her with my eyes closed!”


A world-class practitioner

“I’ve worked with a number of different IFS Practitioners and Madeline is literally world-class at what she does. There is a real commitment to the process of what IFS can do. She understands it to the point where it creates a different level of shift than I’ve experienced before.

Parts of me that were causing pain, or relationship issues or creating blocks that were stopping me from getting to the next layer of where I want to go in my life – there is really noticeable relief for those parts after the sessions with Madeline.

The stress, the anxiety, the worry, the doubt, the fear that I was feeling is noticeably different and as I work more and more with her; the results of how I’m feeling are stacking up.

It’s well worth my time and energy and money to be working with Madeline. She’s really world-class at what she does.”


I was astounded by the results within the first two sessions

“Madeline was recommended to me by two separate people that did not know one another, so I saw it as a definite possibility to ask her for some sessions.

I am so glad that I did! As a therapist who uses IFS myself, I can be very discerning about who I go to see. I needn’t have worried at all, as I felt in safe and kind hands, in our first meeting.

Madeline was able to quickly guide me through the IFS work, with gentle, firm, reassuring and knowledgeable ease. I was astounded by the results that happened within the first two sessions. I immediately noticed that I was waking up in the morning and thinking differently. Differently, in that, I had none of the usual negative cognitions about myself! I recognised that I was ‘thinking differently’ since my perception of myself had changed.

I have continued to work with Madeline on different emotions and parts of myself and could not recommend her highly enough.

I have an EMDR Supervisee having sessions and an ex-client, both of whom are also feeling enormous benefits from working with Madeline.

I am delighted with how differently I now feel, at the ripe old age of 65, and only wish that I had started the work earlier in my life.”


I have no hesitation recommending Madeline

“Madeline is a highly skilled practitioner with clear insight and commitment to her professional practice. She is able to hold space in a sensitive manner whilst also enabling her clients to make progress in an effective way. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”